Will it look like the picture?

The picture you see will be replicated as close as possible. On occasions due to seasonal availability and quality control the stock may vary. If you have concerns of the exact colour combinations or the flowers available it is always best to ring or email the store and our staff will gladly advise you on the days freshest blooms.

What will happen with my delivery if they are not home?

If the recipient of the flowers is not home at the time of the delivery the flowers will be left at the premises in a safe location. A delivery calling card is then placed in the letter box to advise the delivery has been left.  For example " Flowers left at 2pm by the side door out of the sun".
If the delivery is to a secure premises and entry can not be gainred or it does not look safe to leave the gift the courier will return the item to the store and second delivery fee will be incurred.

How quickly can it be delivered?

Delivery times will vary depending on the suburb of delivery and the time of the day you place the order. Morning and afternoon time brackets can be requested but not guaranteed. if you have any requests or concerns on delivery times you are welcome to call or email our staff and they will gladly advise you on your individual case. In not cases a exact delivery time can be requested.

Will they know who has sent them?

The details of the sender are strictly confidential the only message that will go with the flowers is your gift card message. Should you choose to not sign your name on that card the details of the sender will not be passed on by our staff in any case.